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Mission Statement
"We will relentlessly focus on building high-quality customer relations by providing superior products, promoting dynamic teamwork and maintaining a well-trained, committed workforce."

Synel is a market leader in the development and manufacturing of high quality Time & Attendance and Access Control solutions.

Synel has a network of distributors and partners in over 50 countries worldwide, with subsidiaries in North America, the UK and Germany.

Our Approach
Synel is committed to a 'total systems' approach delivering high-quality modular systems that make it easy and affordable to meet the changing and complex requirements of customers worldwide.

Synel has partnered with other market leaders globally to provide customers with easily integrated solutions that improve workforce management processes.

Synel's success is a result of a world-class team of 70 hardware and software engineers that are focused on excellence from the initial design stages to the final stages of production. With a strong commitment to research and development, system design, and manufacturing and production, Synel provides the most valuable and reliable technology on the market.
Commitment to Quality
Synel is committed to quality assurance and complies with all applicable governmental requirements. All products and services are designed and manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001, UL and CE standards. Synel is a certified SAP and Oracle partner and a member of IBM's Partnerworld™ program.
Products and Applications
Synel's products range from stand-alone PC-based systems to complex mainframe-hosted solutions with various levels of validation. Synel products are modular, which allow upgrades and modifications whenever necessary.

A major advantage of Synel products is the use of non-proprietary programming language, allowing the customer to fully customize or modify a solution to fit their unique and changing requirements.
Complete Workforce Management Systems
Synel offers a complete suite of workforce management systems:
Additional Products and Services
Synel provides additional products and services for complete solutions:
  • System design and consulting
  • Customized terminals
  • System installation
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